March 2024

Company outing to the Drachenfels railway in Bonn

A long-standing tradition: our two-day company outing, which once again took us to an exciting place in Germany this year. This time, the "IBZ" team travelled to the former German capital Bonn. After a punctual journey by train, we checked into the historic Hotel Königshof with a fantastic view of the Rhine.

After a short tour of the city with interesting stories about the city's most famous son, Ludwig van Beethoven, we went on to savour culinary delights at the traditional Rhenish brewery Böhnsch. If you are ever in Bonn, be sure to try the "Himmel & Äd" there.

After a short night, the next day we took a ride on Germany's oldest cog railway, the Drachenfelsbahn. This is the real reason why we chose Bonn as the destination for our all-round successful team event. Why? You can find out here.