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In doing so, we keep an eye on economic efficiency as well as individual requirements, official regulations and standards, the efficient use of resources and possible risks in your construction project.

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In our projects, we take into account all relevant and individual challenges of structural design and thus ensure a smooth process in construction phases 1-5:

Site-specific load determination worldwide

Evaluation of soil surveys

Foundation recommendations and designs before calculation begins

Evaluation and application of international standards and calculation rules

Design and dimensioning of efficient load-bearing structure concepts

Development of optimized transport concepts for systems and components of all kinds for transport by road and water, including ocean transport

Development of optimized lifting concepts for cranes, SPMTs etc. for trouble-free assembly on site

Dynamic calculations in plant construction, in particular dynamically loaded machine foundations and tables

Individual determination of project-specific requirements for construction in existing buildings

Plant construction

Structural design in plant and industrial construction is one of our five core competences. We draw on the project experience of the past decades and are constantly developing in view of the daily changing international standards and the increasingly digital handling of projects.

Our range of services extends as follows:

  • Basic and draft planning at the start of the project with development of technically and economically optimized structural designs
  • Preparation and checking of static calculations ready for submission and checking, taking into account a wide range of loads (wind, snow, earthquake, explosion, water pressure, crane loads, dynamic loads) for rising structures and their foundations.
  • Evaluation and analysis of existing load-bearing structures, including fatigue analysis of existing structures as well as structural analysis and component optimization
  • Preparation of implementation planning with creation of formwork and reinforcement plans and of work and assembly plans in steel construction

Particularly in plant construction, whether on greenfield sites or at exposed construction sites, such as permafrost soils, in locations north of the Arctic Circle or simply in countries without heavy industry, the transportation of complete plant components to their place of use is essential. The examinations here include:

Calculation of loads during the lifting of entire plant components by crane, hydraulic hoists, forklifts etc., sometimes weighing several thousand tons
Determination of loads during road and ship transportation - including fatigue tests during transportation

Component transportation

Dynamic calculations

When using permanently running machines (compressors, turbines, pumps, etc.) in plant and industrial construction, dynamic analysis of the load-bearing components is essential. Our service here is the calculation of the design of machine foundations / machine tables made of reinforced concrete and steel construction, including dynamic analysis of the subsoil and the transmission of the resulting vibrations during operation and the effect on neighboring components.

In this field, which has been very important in the past and is still very important today, our services range from the renovation of plant and industrial buildings, tank structures and machine foundations to residential construction. It is important to take old standards and regulations into account in order to be able to fulfil future design requirements for structures that are often decades old. Existing documents are often scarce and we try to develop engineering solutions together with the client in order to avoid demolition and new construction and to preserve the structures for future use.

Construction in existing buildings

Residential construction

From small house construction to the calculation and structural design of multi-party houses including underground car parks or combined industrial and residential complexes, we provide support in planning and design as well as in the preparation of implementation planning.

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