Successful in structural engineering for 7 decades.

A successful construction project is always based on a collaborative partnership with all parties involved. Our many years of experience coupled with creative, engineering approaches enable us to create innovative and sustainable solutions that exceed your expectations.

We always keep up with the times.

We have experienced the times of slide rules and formula tables with pad and pencil, programming via punched tape in the 60s, computer-aided calculations "briefly over the weekend" in the wild 70s, spatial structural and finite element calculations in the 80s and interdisciplinary building information modelling of today.









We are involved in more than 200 structural design projects every year and have realised over 10,000 projects in 87 countries on all five continents to date. In all of these involvements, we have never recorded any damage to a structure.

Some impressions of our projects

85 countries – 5 continents – 1 partner – Our expertise knows no boundaries.

We guarantee the sustainable operation of the most complex systems, even under the most adverse conditions.
Permafrost soils, earthquake-prone areas or extreme wind loads: our expertise secures your investment - worldwide.

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We realised projects in these countries:

Guaranteed compliance with all design and load standards worldwide.