LNG-Coldboxen in Karratha - Australia

Januar 2024

Almost 4 kilotonnes to Australia

An LNG plant was built in Karratha, Australia. IBZ carried out all statically relevant calculations for the steel structures of a methane, NRU and ethylene cold box.

The load determination of the site-specific external influences and the design of the supporting structures were carried out in accordance with Australian regulations with extreme wind speeds of up to 290 km/h to be taken into account.

Due to the very large dimensions and weights, numerous special statistical features also had to be taken into account for the transport of the individual plant components. Engineering attention had to be paid to the upright transport of the NRU box, which was coupled to the methane box and transported on a common base frame. (Transport dimensions L 40.5m x W 15.5m x H 33m, transport weight: 3720 tonnes).

Wall panels prefabricated in Germany were assembled at the harbour in Tarragona (Spain) together with the containers and pipework to form the finished cold boxes. After the boxes were loaded onto the ship by SPMT, they were shipped on the high seas to Australia.